Course Details.

1. Online course, Via : WhatsAPP.
Assignments got on your mobile phone. You get a print out.

2. Duration - In 75 days Ms. MANASWINI did the Advanced Diploma level, easily. You too can do it, easily.

3. Auxilium aims Happiness - World wide

A. Free for poor people.

B. Free for women over 50 years.

C. Free for men over 70 years.

D. Free 1 admission on full fees payment.

4. Free Introduction course.
For everybody - World wide.

5. Course fees.
Diploma - I.Rs. ₹ 9,500.
Advanced Diploma - I.Rs. ₹ 12,000.
1 more FREE admission.
Diploma - U.S.D. (Equivalent) $ 370.
Advanced Diploma - U.S.D. (Equivalent) $ 475.
1 more FREE admission.
Monthly installments, offered.
Upto 75%, offered.

6. Course details.
Enter Name & WhatsAPP phone number.
Call Mr. Mathew Jacob Chakramakal 0091 9962998698 0091 9884998698 0091 9840098698 Anytime Anyday. Thank you.

Students Testimonials

Regional Languages Course Opinions

Few letters in regional languages from students from all over the world

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