The Auxilium School of Interior Design was established in 1989 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India by Mr.Mathew Jacob Chakramakal. The aim of the school is to make one capable of designing and decorating residential & commercial interiors.

The School offers the Interior Design & Decor Course as a home study, correspondence and distance education programme in four levels. They are Hobby, Certificate, Diploma & Advanced Diploma levels. The unique feature of the Auxilium School of the interior design is that its program is based on a single major - Interior Design.

Auxilium's correspondence course syllabus starts from the very basics, use of drawing equipments to visualization and ability to draw on paper the design visualized for all types of interiors. Due to this type of approach people with all educational background from arts & science to commerce & medicine to visual arts education etc.. have graduated from Auxilium and have made their careers as interior design consultants, interior decoration contractors, employed in various companies associated with interior designing & decoration products.

The open enrollment policy of our continuing education programs permits people from various educational backgrounds to study the many facets of interior design, to improve skills or to train for various positions in the field.

Program Highlights

  • interior decorating course in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi

    interior course Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi   Avail scholarships
      Distance learning
      Giving you flexibility in terms of time
      Improve your earning potential


  • interior decorating course in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi

    interior course Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi   18 to Any age ( Our students include B.Arch, B.E Civil, MBBS, BDS, BCA, Various - B.E, B.A, M.A, etc.) who after schooling could not decide what to do. Our students are mostly 21 to 35 years old & also in their 50's
       Any Previous Education. You can easily learn
      In 3 to 6 months you can easily qualify to be one among the rich and famous

Home-Study Interior Designing & Decoration Courses

Hobby Level Course

Certificate Level Course

Diploma Level Course

Advanced Diploma Course

Auxilium's Home-Study course is 100 times better
(considering all factors), than attending college classes.

The painstaking methology of teaching followed by Auxilium, is as if,
the black board and teacher is at your home.
Read past students course opinion letters


DRAWINGS : Speed posted to you are the drawings that were drawn on the college black board, which is now drawn almost perfectly on 22'' x 14'' sheets by our regular course students. So, there is no need to see the blackboard. It is like the black board is reduced to about 2 feet is at your home. It is very easy to understand. Read past students course opinion letters.

DRAWINGS EXPLAINATION : Instead of listening to the teachers all that the teachers say in the class room is written on the drawing sheets & attached sheets of paper. It is very easy to understand. If you have any doubts you only have to give a missed call to 09380098698 & the teacher will call back IMMEDIATLY & TEACH YOU THE DRAWING ON THE PHONE. You will rarely have any doubts. For example : Draw a line from point A to Point B to Point C. Now, there is no chance to have any doubts. Anybody, Any Previous Education can follow the instructions in simple english, very easily. You will rarely have any doubts. Read past students course opinion letters

THEORY : Speed posted to you are all the theory topics & text books. You study them and answer the questions asked.

CLARIFICATION & DOUBTS : Past students course opinions state that the drawings & theory are very easy to follow. You will rarely have any doubts. Instructions are written perfectly in simple english. You will rarely have any doubts. For example : Draw a line from point A to Point B to Point C. Now, there is no chance to have any doubts. Anybody, Any Previous Education can follow the instructions in simple english, very easily. You will rarely have any doubts. Read past students course opinion letters

IF AT ALL YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS : If you have any doubts you only have to give a missed call to 09380098698 & the teacher will call back IMMEDIATLY & TEACH YOU THE DRAWING ON THE PHONE

ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION & GETTING THE NEXT PACKET OF ASSIGNMENTS: On enrolling the first packet of assignments containing 1 to 10 drawing & 1 to 3 theory topics is speed posted to you. You do
them and post them back to the school for evaluation. They are corrected and posted back to you with the next packet of assignments

Hobby Course - 4 Packet of Assignments,
Certificate Course - 8 Packet of Assignments,
Diploma Course - 10 Packet of Assignments,
Advanced Diploma Course - 14 Packet of Assignments.

YOUR COURSE GRADES & CERTIFICATES : The average of all your drawings & theory assignments is your course grade. The course certificate, marks sheet & enrollment certificate are speed posted to you. More details are given in the prospectus. This is systems is followed successfuly, since 1989.

EMPLOYEMENT, CONSULTANCY & CONTRACT : On course completion you will be capable of designing Homes, Offices & Showrooms. You will be able to give a detailed quotation / estimate. You advertise & tell people that you are designing interiors and when called you give a proposed interior design & estimate for the premises. On the estimate being approved reputed contractors can be asked to do the work. You can do the work on turnkey basis. EMPLOYMENT - Show your school assignements to reputed employers and based on many paramater you will get employed.

EMPLOYED / BUSY - Does not matter because you study during your free time.

FEES - The lowest in India for the syllabus covered in our advanced diploma course.

SCHOLARSHIPS - You can choose from many scholarship options.

Course duration / completion possible in 3 to 6 months. Anybody can do it.

The Diploma Syllabus is divided into 10 Packets of assignments.
The First 3 packets of assignments consist of basic drawings to drawing a photographic view of interiors in
4 different ways - 1 point, 2 point, Isometric and Axonometric perspective views.
1 packet of assignment you can complete comfortably in 5 to 10 days devoting average to 2 to 4 hrs a day.
FIRST MONTH - You can complete assignment packet 1, 2 & 3.
The 4th & 5th packet of assignments consist of furniture designing and detailed estimation.
You will able to make the quotation & tenders.
The 6th packet of assignment teaches you to design all rooms of a house and electrical layout.
You have already learnt furniture designing and estimation in the 5th packet
SECOND MONTH - You can complete assignment packet 4, 5 & 6.
If you have time do the non compulsory drawings and refer to the internet for theory topics
Some packet of assignments will have 1 to 3 theory topics with questions to be answered.
Assignment packet 7,8,9 & 10 contains 4 projects Residence, Architects Office, Fast Food Resturant & Jewellery Shops & theory topics & Civil engineering text book.
THIRD MONTH - You can complete assignment packet 7, 8,9 & 10.
POSTAGE TIME TO & FRO - 20 to 30 days for 10 packets of assignments
4 MONTHS TOTAL TIME IN WHICH YOU CAN DO THE DIPLOMA LEVEL - You can complete the Diploma course comfortably in 4 months, if you can devote to 2 to 4 hours and5 to 10 days for each packet of assignment.
FIFTH MONTH - You can complete the compulsory driwings & theory of the Advanced Diploma syllabus packet 11, 12, 13 & 14 consisting of 6 commercial projects and 1 Civil Engineering Book.

DURATION GIVEN 12 MONTHS - DIPLOMA COURSE & 18 MONTHS - ADVANCED DIPLOMA COURSE - By devoting more time you can finish the course much faster or take upto 12 months for the Diploma level course & upto 18 months for the Advanced diploma course.

Earning Ability within 3 to 6 months with no investment
as a consultant and working from your home,
PLUS, many more advantage

Free Consultancy
You can do everything free for your friends or charge as given below
Billing per site visit or per hour
You can charge per site visit Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,000 OR more.
You can charge Rs. 250 to 500 for every hour you devote to do the drawings etc.
You can charge an additional Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 as consultation fees it is your wish.
Lump sum fees
You can charge lump sum of Rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000 for designing & supervising a Residence. It is your wish to charge any amount. It all depends, on how reputed you are, and how impressive your work is.
Percentage of total interior decoration cost
You can charge as designing fees for a house average 10% to 15% of total decoration cost.
So, for interior decoration of about 10 Lakhs you earn about Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 1,50,000
Time Duration to complete a project
A house, office, showroom etc can be complete in about 1 to 2 months by a reputed contractor. As rentals are high the place is to be decorated quickly

Your total earnings ability as consultant

When the projects that you have interior designed look good and is done intelligently, work of mouth publicity will get you more projects.
Your earnings. Calculating on the lower side.
A 10 Lakhs contract will earn you a 1,50,000 at 15% consultancy fee.
The projects may take 2 months to complete. So your earnings per month Rs. 75,000.
A 10 Lakhs contract will earn you Rs. 75,000 at 7.5% consultancy fees.
You can charge even lessar or more.

Your Earning Ability on
Advanced Diploma Course Completion

Auxilium's Advanced Diploma Course & a few months of work experience as a site supervisor.
A room in your home can be your office.
Stationary, mobile phone and conveyance

Most Homes, Offices & showrooms need to be interior designed & decorator.
Assuming a 20 LAKH interior decoration contract.
At 5% profit you earn 1 LAKH. At 10% profit you earn 2 LAKHS.
Time taken is 1 to 2 months to complete the project.


Design fees vary from 2% to 25% of the total interior decoration cost.
Famous designer charge lumsum fees or as they wish which can range from 1 to 5 lakhs for a home.




Auxilium's Students are
those who could not persue
their dreams - after schooling
due to numerous reasons.
That is why Auxilium's Students
are mostly MBBS, BCA, MCA,
Various subjects
BA, MA etc..

Auxilium's Home-Study course is better than attending regular college classes.
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Study at Auxilium
Estd. 1989
from where you live
Learn the Ultimate as a Home study course to be a Professional Interior Designer
> How you study
> Evaluation & Certification
> Jobs, Business & Consultancy

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Course Opinion Letters

"Choice of topics, subjects included in the syllabus & depth of content reflects the expertise of the director in this area."
- Sharada M. Chennai, 17-09-2011

"If as a one man you can be able to make this successful why canít a university do this"
Kalpana D, Chennai, 18-04-2012

"Very detailed & elaborate and is covering the subject in a very nice manner"
Sanel F. Architectural draftsman, Thane, Mumai, 01-04-2011

"I feel really proud to have been a part of auxilium Ė Chennai"
Sadaf Ghalib, Architect, New Delhi, 25-07-2010.

"I am damn sure that me all other students are also very much thankful"
Sana Tamkeen, Engineer, Gulberga, Karnataka, 25-10-2010

"Auxilium is an example for successful interior design education"
Kalpana D, Chennai, 18-04-2012

"The course is sufficient for making anybody and interior designer & decorator"
Ranjith R. Draftsman Civil, Trivandrum, Kerala, 29-08-2010

"The whole course in really simple, informative & ideal for a professional"
Sadaf Ghalib, Architect, New Delhi, 25-07-2010

Since 1989
Course Opinion Letters
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Dear Sir,
Received the lessons I really enjoyed doing the lessons. Regarding lessons I am finding it interesting and thanks for the detailed notes. I have gained a lot and come to know a lot thanks for the strict guidance thank you once again.
Anil V. Batia, Calicut, Kerala, India, 20.11.92

Dear Sir,
The Diploma course has given and confidence in handling a interior design project on my own and now also in containing the advanced diploma course. The lessons sent were planned very methodically with ample study matter and drawings. Therefore it did not give me any difficulty in understanding on my own and answering them you prompt attention in correcting the study matter had helped me complete the diploma course with in the given time.
Thank you sincerely for helping me complete the course and achieving an outstanding grade.
I have received the certificated for the diploma course.
R.Prashanthi,Rajamundry, Andhra Pradesh, India, 3-3-1993

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I have got a job as Interior Designer in a reputed firm.
The job is quite a challenging one but with the kind of knowledge you have imparted, it has become easy for me. Thanks for the detailed materials and drawings which you have given, this course definitely opened a great future for me.
Mrs. Hina Ahmed, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 25.06.1993

Respected Sir,
I am a Jr Architect working in a Architect Firm in Madras. I selected the Interior Design Course, to have an additional knowledge. I got the lesons from the Institute regularly and duly corrected. I was able to complete the course in time. I found the lessons very simple to useful in my day to day work in Civil Engineering drawings.
D.Saikumari, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, Aug 13, 1993

Since 1989
Course Opinion Letters
Read more Course Opinions in

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